Friday, December 19, 2008

New favorites I found onTwitter

Candle wick burning.Image via WikipediaElizabeth's Strategy for Twitter is...Entertainment, and new connections; Spontaneous jumping from profile to profile as nudged or shoved by Spirit and Spirits; Following tweeple who resonate and tweet FUN, wisdom, or topics of interest and follow more than a handful of others. There are many exceptions to these guidelines, of course.

Generally, I won't follow 'celebrities' - even the best of them - who only follow other celebrities in or related to their niches, because it is far easier to bookmark their websites for future reference and bypass their (followed by thousands) Twitter presences.

I follow news media sources or helpful services that don't follow others for practical reasons. As spacetime gaps arise in my schedule I respond to tweets that draw my attention or touch my soul when I have something to give, whether I get 'followed back' or not. I seek prayer topics as I cyber-shamanic-journey Twitter.

BTW and FYI you can light a candle-prayer through Twitter through nShrine: I light up prayer-intentions in the nShrine Twitter Shrine every day, usually mornings and evenings as part of my daily prayer-cycle. The Twitter Shrine is still a little-known service I highly recommend.

Side note: Shamanic Shift Center, the Shamanic Humorists & Optimists (S.H.O.), and Shamantic! (Me!) opened our online shrine several months ago. I check both of these shrines for prayer-requests daily and add new ones to the circle's ongoing list where our circle's other prayer list sections are linked too.

A short list of new favorites I snagged from Tweets along my Twittering way:

WildEarth.TV - "Live from the African Bush"
TalkBackwards.Com - A site about reverse speech
Serpentfd.Org - Human evolution theory combining biology and culture
Everything2.Com - a collection user-submitted content about everything

I am listing these particular websites just because they happen to be near the top of my inner jumbled up interesting stuff I found on Twitter list. Really, this is a long list and it is growing longer every day. I may report more of it later.

Finally a special reommendation
- because this blog is part of it. BloggersMosaic.Com is a startup project I met on Twitter, linking bloggers' pictures to their blogs to form (eventually) a highly interesting reference and very pretty picture. This creative dream brought a smile to my face and heart at first sight. Oh, and * FLASH * all sizes of spots in this new mosaic are on sale now for bargin prices for $5.00 - 25.00 USD (I don't know for how long though). Right now the Bloggersmosaic website says that free spots are available too, with what appear to me to be very easy conditions.

A circle companion donated a Bloggersmosaic spot to us and there is no other affiliation, just so I make this clear. This blog, currently represented by my jester photo, is now in Bloggersmosaic forever, measured by internet time-spans, and may even be sent into space if that part of this project works out. Bloggersmosaic's logo is a green virtual tree (see ours on the sidebar) because they donate money for tree-planting with every membership to make this a green project. The Bloggersmosaic tree will grow as as more members join.

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