Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Happy All-Holidays Of Winter To All!

Description unavailableImage by Gattou/Lucie via FlickrWhat a snow covered, snow-lined world S.E. Wisconsin is today! The Tortoise Cat and I traveled from Milwaukee, WI, to Madison, WI by rental car. While we are away, out of town guests of a Milwaukee circle companion are camping out (well, camping IN) in our Milwaukee space.

Wow, our rental reservation got slightly confused, but things worked out OK and we got an early start anyway and were on the road by 9am. Because of the car-rental company's slight mix-up, a further discount was applied AND we got a vehicle upgrade.

Interstate 94W was in rough shape with a crowd of traffic sliding around and trucks kicking up spray. But then the conditions shapeshifted for the better (and the even better) as soon as we cleared the greater Milwaukee suburbs. Owl, Hawk, and Crow appeared and kept on reappearing in turn among the snowy branches or overhead, seeming to watch over us us the rest of the way!

Merry, happy, joyous ALL-HOLIDAYS OF WINTER to everyone. This Yuletide I am already filling up with Spirit for accomplishing (incrementally) bigger, better New Year Dreams.

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