Saturday, December 13, 2008

I signed up at OneConsciousness multi-author blog

onenessImage by lairilai via FlickrGreetings from Elizabeth!

Wow, even though it is a challenge for me to keep up with my 'shamanic shifting through blogging' mission here I signed up at OneConsciousness.Org and authored a post on prayer-shifting. The invitation went by on Twitter and I couldn't resist the happy openness expressed there along with the interesting, quality content I read.

This is a multi-author blog too, though most of the other authors here are taking an extended vacation or even retiring from blogging, and a few never got started. I hereby renew this blog's invitation for new authors.

Joining a Blogger blog requires a blog-admin generated invitation to you at the email account you use or wish to use on Blogger. In this invitation email - from Blogger, not me - is a link to Blogger's step by step process.

If you want to join in here as a 'blogging shamanic shifting' author please send me your name and the email address you use or want to use on Blogger along with your comprehensible message asking for an invitation to this blog. If you write about any topic relating to contemporary shamanic ways you are eligible.

Of course you can link back to your own website(s) in a blurb at the end of each post. (Note: Some email providers filter out Blogger generated emails and if that happens I can't push your invitation through from this end. One solution is use a Gmail account.)

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