Sunday, December 21, 2008

Celebrating winter solstice 2008 with Ursid Meteors

Meteoroid trail between fragments of Comet 73PImage via WikipediaWhat a wonderful Winter Soltice surprise! Pre-dawn December 22 the Ursid Meteor Shower peaks! Here in Milwaukee, WI it is a gusty -2.0 °F under bright, dark (waning crescent moon), clear skies so if I can stand the cold I can probably spot a meteor flash or two, even here in the city.

I may bundle up in my old, beat-up, blue airport ramper parka and venture outside to sky-gaze for a while. has a listening link so I might be able to (kind of) hear meteors passing if I decide to stay indoors.

Today and tonight, during the darkest day and longest night in this northern hemisphere, I renew my life purposes and re-energize my life dreaming for the New Year 2009. I joined and blogged about it as my first Intent post.
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