Friday, December 26, 2008

A blogging resolution I made is "Forget about lists!"

~ Magic is believing in yourself, if you can d...Image by Yves. via FlickrWinter Resolutions, continued: For me 2009 is to be a year of many acts of power. I vision the biggest life shifts for the better happening through innumerable inner and outer incremental, ordinary, purpose-linked changes, through all the seasons, during all phases of the Moon and under all kinds of planetary conditions and juxtapositions. I resolve that by the end of 2009 Companions Circle and Shamanic Shift Center will leave 'just breaking even' far behind in a trail of magical dust.

I have resolved to publish more content, through blogging and other platforms I like such as Squidoo. I constructed 6 Squidoo Lenses then paused and put that lensing aside temporarily for the holidays and my yearly planning period.

I am planning to start around 100 lenses by the end of January. Eventually most of these lenses will interlink. Constructing Squidoo Lenses is a fun, non-linear way to organize content. If the lenses earn money for Shamanic Shift Center that will be a bonus. The main intent of my publishing is to be of shamanic healing and transforming service.

'My Self-Change Shop' and 'Self-Healing Now' are related Squidoo Lenses where I will collect links to any (and all kinds of) self-help and self-development web resources. Whenever I notice a lifehack blog or find a beneficial product or service I can recommend (affiliated or not) I will add it on to one of these two lenses that are not specifically 'shamanic' but complement shamanic practices.

Sources of the best helpful lists I notice around the web will be linked on one or the other of these two lenses, according to the topic or emphasis, healing or change. But my brain is boggled by how-to and what-to lists of 5 or 7 or 8 or 25 or 49 or 50 or 101 must see, read, or do lists for success or serenity or before you die, and I won't be attempting to publish any lists of my own this year.

Publishing is one of three key business plan categories going forward, NOT LISTED in order. The other two are shamanic assistance (including teaching) and ceremony officiating. The daily shamanzing/prayer cycle underlies and connects these three.

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