Monday, November 17, 2008

Set up sacred spacetime, then be quiet, and allow

Quiet TimeImage by Delphine devos via Flickr
Keep situation shamanization simple if you want to! Here is one simple way, but this is an example only, just a suggestion.

This is a favorite way I connect and re-connect re-creatively and co-creatively with Spirit and Spirits and become a magical bridge between non-ordinary and ordinary reality for one to several periods each day. But this is a favorite way among many favorites.

Portable music or video is another quick way to shamanic shift consciousness that works well for a few folks I know. There must be as many simple ways - from weird to pedestrian - to shamanic shift quickly as there are shamanizers available to Spirit and Spirits in any given moment for helping shamanic shift this world into healing mode. Another shamanic shifter I know recommends choosing a photo as a shamanic imagining or shamanic journeying portal portal.

Set up sacred spacetime by your quickest and simplest preferred method, then just BE QUIET within it, then spend several moments or a little while (no set amount of ordinary-reality, 3-D time) simply allowing - ecstatically allowing. Allow everything and everybody else to BE OK - no matter what, really - for a little while or a few moments.

The practice of 'blessing no matter what' helps me activate, attentive allowing. Pretending also works very well.

Then, after a while of ecstatic allowing, begin allowing dreams of shamanic shapeshifts towards better as you imagine it (and best, when you can imagine it) to be given by Spirit and Spirits. Stay until you have one or a list of shamanic shifts for everyday situation shamanization.

Then return to ordinary-reality and into whatever situations, challenges, and troubles are at hand and activate the easiest shamanic shift first as you continue your way through your day and your world. Then activate the next easiest shamanic shift, then the next, and on down your given shamanic shifting list as your present unfolds - and your shamanic Presence deepens. Or choose the hardest shamanic shift first, or begin in the middle of the list - your choice, of course.

If you are given only one shamanic shift to activate, spend the whole rest of the day on it. Or activate your one and only shamanic shift and repeat this practice to go back to Spirit and Spirits for more whenever you are ready.

Setting up sacred spacetime is necessary because of the opening, allowing, and receiving that happens in shamanic states of consciousnes. It is just as important to return to ordinary reality and ordinary consciousness afterwards, so as to avoid walking around in this commotion-happy world in a hypersuggestible state, taking in every confusing pattern that arises before you. I return to ordinary-reality consciousness by stamping my left and then my right foot, either forcefully or demurely, depending upon my circumstances.

I usually carry a 'circle-center' stone that fits in my palm and pocket easily, that I set-aside and consecrated for this purpose. No matter what is happening I almost always find that I can pause and imagine sacred circle spacetime spiraling up and uncoiling an interdimensional shamanic sanctuary around it and me, based upon a room-sized ordinary-reality sanctuary I know.

I have been reading all kinds of shamanic webpages and appreciating every one of them. Lately - thank Spirit and Spirits - I am encountering less complicated fuss and fewer dogmatic dictates around shamanic methods and techniques as I shamanic journey the WWW (occasionally).

Yes, fuss and dogma can teach and entertain, and many important points are expressed. But all too often fuss and dogma discourage instead of encouraging more daily shamanizing - or stir up overheated arguing, which entertains a few and discourages many more.

In my opinion this world needs much more everyday intentional situation shamanization. So 'go for it' now even in the simplest way. ~ Teal

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