Sunday, November 30, 2008

Photographs of universal wondrous beauty by Phil Hart

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Greetings from Elizabeth. These trance-inducingly wondrously beautiful astrophotos by Phil Hart can be shamanic dreamed or journeyed into or through, especially for middle-realm shamanic shifting intentions.

10 Astounding Astrophotos by Phil Hart

Wonder itself is a wide, powerful shamanic portal and vehicle! When I shamanic journey or dream into and through an image of any kind I keep it handy somehow for a while, as a link or a hard copy, to facilitate new messages coming to me from Spirit and Spirits around my intention. I construct collages of image portals around clusters of shamanic intentions.

I often visit NASA for astrophotos to gaze into for shamanic purposes. And the Flickr Hive Mind is another awesome image source.

I most often go to NASA and Flickr because at those places I can be sure to find images I can use in blogging without violating copyrights. But shamanic journeying and dreaming bypass copyrighting, so when any image appears and matches up with my current shamanic intention, I go for it.

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