Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Miscellaneous links of interest for shamanic shifters

John Gould's early 1800s painting of a Superb ...Image via WikipediaGreetings from Elizabeth!

Shamanic shifters receive knowledge and power from Spirit and Spirits through anything encountered as they shamanic journey each day. Reading diverse recreational, self-educational webpages can give Spirit and Spirits more material for daily messages. On my way around the web today I found these few to share.

How To Make a Thought Screen Helmet
(Hats and helmets are mask and face-paint alternatives with amazing shamanic shifting properties!)

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
So here is something to keep on shamanic shifting - and shifting everyday life choices around.

Lyrebird Mimicking Everything Around a Patch of Jungle-Space
Listen and learn! I plan to connect with Lyrebird in non-ordinary reality too.

Think Simple Now - Another Look-Worthy Personal Development Blog
Some days I just pick a self-development weblog post and let myself be given another message by Spirit and Spirits about whatever I am shamanzing.

Maps By An Etymologist
Words and maps can be powerful transformational shamanic tools. What if I mapped a troubled place and focused upon its sacred names...or journeyed to Spirit and Spirits for name changes?

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