Saturday, November 15, 2008

Get a gist of if not a grip on Chaos!

Wake Vortex Study at Wallops IslandImage via WikipediChaos is crucial to shamanizing. Chaos means many things - from the all-mysterious primordial chaos to the lately more familiar fractal illustrated mathematical and scientific chaos theory. Shamanic shifters count on the wondrous effects of all kinds of chaos to be and bring up loopholes for shamanic (intentional) re-creating.

I just found this easy entertaining online Chaos Primer 'for everyone' with links to more information. Then I found another Beginner's Guide to Chaos which contrasts with this Non-Beginner's Chaos hypertextbook.

As a shamanic practice I renew my awareness of chaos at least once a day. I may never get a grip on Chaos or even on Chaos Theory but I can keep reactivating, deepening, and expanding my shamanic 'gist' of Chaos.

Keep shamanic shifting towards better and best!
~ Elizabeth

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