Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What products or services can we buy without harming?

Service-Goods continuumImage via WikipediaResearch project: Does anyone have a product or service recommendation centered upon eco-friendliness? If consuming a product or purchasing a service does no harm, or even helps make the world a better place I would like to know about it and recommend it here!

This question covers all categories of products and services - food, drink, home and garden, technology, travel, education, and more. What is being sold that is support-worthy? How do you vote with your purse or wallet...or spare change?

Comment in any products or services that available in the marketplace for purchase in the USA or over the internet (or other locations perhaps) that you find acceptable or commendable from an eco-spiritual perspective! Please include a few details such as brand name, where to find or buy, approximate price, link (if any), and why the product or service is more harmless than usual or crosses the line into the territory of 'helpful' or is otherwise consumer support-worthy.

Eco- (for ecology) and economy come from the same Greek word that meant 'household' or 'dwelling place' or 'habitat' - so this question and wondering centers around everyday shamanic-action for keeping our house in order.

~ Elizabeth

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