Monday, October 06, 2008

Self-educate and shamanize accordingly!

Here I am, Crabbee the Curmudgeon. I am beginning a new phase of blogging here instead of on a blog of my own. I will keep that blog as a reference and post updates here.

I suppose many have seen this video but I first watched it today. Here are some other self-educational www resources I found today. (That is what I was searching for.)

I do not feel educated enough yet to blog much so I will blog just a little. When I shamanize my knowledge shortcomings are compensated for by Spirit.

But I am advised by helping Spirits to keep up lifelong learning in ordinary-reality, a little each day, anyway. Continuing self-education helps me ask better questions, form more focused intentions, and interpret shamanic dreams and journeys more profoundly.


1000 Books To Read Before You Die (available through Amazon links on the page)

~ Crabbee

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