Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Be aware of asymmetry - or beware!

Shadows Of The PastImage by Garry' via Flickr
Nobel Prize in Physics: The Nobel Prize website's press release gives a summary and their background article (in PDF) tells more of the big story of asymmetry's key role in the way of all beings, places, events, situations, and things in this universe.

Particular and universal asymmetry is always opening up new shamanic dreaming and shifting possibilites too. Non-ordinary reality is like ordinary-reality but in vaster, deeper ways.

Forgetting about original fundamental asymmetry - or even accidental, momentary asymmetry - is unwise (IMO). When I forget about essential asymmetry in ordinary-reality I lose my sense of FUN and become unable to play with Trickster.

On shamanic journeys and in all situation shamanization from now on I shall bring a token of this current event as a reminder to keep renewing my awareness asymmetry in reality and how -even when shadowy or hidden - asymmetry allows Spirit to co- and re-create even more marvelously.

What token of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physics will I be bringing along? Now I am going to make one up - a tiny, extremely portable one.

~ Rezzee

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