Thursday, October 09, 2008

Attention! Most of our food is from factory farms!

see filenameImage via Wikipedia OK, I have stated this before: I am not a vegetarian though I eat meat less than most who do. Several shamanic animal companions are omnivores or carnivores. My health is better if I can eat a bit of what my animal companions would eat in ordinary reality, or bites of similar foods, and eat true to my own evolved omivorous nature.

I consider vegetarianism to be an honorable dietary strategy, for sure which can be perfectly healthy. But also I hold to the notion that hunting and killing to eat is natural and honorable and healthy also, as along as every being has a fair, fighting chance.

I am not so sure if cultivating and domesticating or harvesting and slaughtering to eat is natural. But those ways of growing and obtaining food can be honorable too - if the animals and plants to be slaughtered or harvested are allowed to live true to their natures in a caring, balanced environment, such as a family farm.

On this planet and probably in this universe everyone eats somebody - and sombody's relatives too - no matter what 'kind-of-vores' we each are by nature or by choice.

But farm-produced groceries in this country are nowadays mostly dishonorable food choices because of factory-farming. It is so easy to allow myself to be fooled by the catch-phrase labeling or the impersonality of the wrappings! Read more about this here at HSUS.

Still wondering,
~ Chammy

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