Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shamanic powers can lead to authoritarian hierarchy

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By Teal

My questioning of my shamanic practicing in this world even though I have withdrawn to a back road:

Contemporary shamanic ways might be some of the best ways to open up non-ordinary dimensions within modern western society and bypass humankind's (probably at least partially genetically inherited) persisting predisposition to seek and bow-down to higher authorities and keep developing more organized hierarchical religious (and all kinds of) institutions. Many new shamanic teachers are presenting direct individual experience of Spirit and Spirits through shamanic ways as accessible to practically everyone.

Yet I often notice contemporary shamans and shamanizers linking their shamanic teachings and practices to one or more indigenous tribal shamans and shamanisms in order to credential themselves and gain credibility. It seems to be an acceptable thing to seek or imply and then advertise endorsements from shamanic authority figures even if those shaman-experts really have no specific or direct authority over new shamanic practitioners - which is a good thing - so that, so far, for the most part, new shamanic ways do not necessarily or often directly promote more of the same dis-empowering authoritarian hierarchical spiritual traditions and religions that have captured, enclosed, and deformed the human spirit(s) throughout human history and long before we started recording our histories.

But it seems to me that intention-confounding mystification is inherent within this wonderful new enthusiastic mystical magical movement - in which I still participate in my hermitic way, from a distance - to restore enchantment and connections to the non-ordinary dimensions to everyday western- and northern-hemispheric earth life through re-discovered and renewed shamanic ways. So I keep on pondering this paradoxical unfolding situation in mind and heart, allowing cautionary notes to play on and resonate around my heart and gut these days over my nagging concerns.

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