Friday, September 26, 2008

Health knowledge helpful to shamanizers collects at Geek's blog

Chemical structure of Caffeine.Image via WikipediaOne of my opinions about ordinary-reality science and new shamanics:

It is necessary for contemporary shamanizers to maintain scientific literacy and keep deepening their understanding of physical, ordinary, reality through studying modern and frontier sciences and technologies through continual questioning and further questing. I recommend studying alternative and para-science also, but with through a healthy balance of skepticism and openness, not automatic belief in popular and common misconceptions based upon junk science.

The original shamans were probably the most advanced and advancing natural scientists around whenever and wherever they lived, as well as being the leading edge philosophers and artists. An modern-day 'old-fashioned' (rather than Medieval) general education in the liberal arts and sciences can give Spirit and Spirits many more flows and patterns for our further shamanic imagining and dreaming of reality shifts towards better and better.

This 'Geek-blogger's' archive of articles under the 'Health' category will grow, I hope! So far he has collected an impressive amount of self-education.

Geek With Laptop - 'Health' Category

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