Sunday, September 21, 2008

Good question - Which technologies do you resist?

FerropolisImage by : : deNNis gErbECkx : : via FlickrMaybe...this is a good self-development blog to explore further. Here is the post that drew my attention there.

10 Technologies I Resist

I and several of our original circle companions resist most of these listed in this blog, too. But I have indulged and encouraged others to indulge - and perhaps over-indulge - in social networking, at least as far as signing up and putting up a profile...or presence...or portal goes. And I lean towards Office 2.0 because the WWW is where I began processing words...and photos and numbers and any kind of business.

I would rather mobilize my laptop with a wireless internet connection than make do with a PDA or mobile email because my first computer is this laptop. Up until 2002 I resisted computers and the internet altogether! Now I use cell-phones instead of a landline but I finally hooked up a fax machine at the office.

So far all of the other original circle companions have resisted (or gone back to resisting) owning PDAs and cell-phones - and a few even resist landline phones too. Most have or share access to an internet-connected computer, however.

None of us text-message or IM though we now and then set up 'secret chat-nodes' for special purposes. We connect through inner shamanic technology and overuse of outer ordinary technology might cause more dream-net outages.

I and several of the original circle companions started resisting regular automobile use a while ago too. So of course we can still easily resist GPS devices. Ha ha...when I do rent a car for necessary business I don't even use the cruise-control!

For me hardly any of this feels like resisting and I suspect this is true for some or all of my colleagues too. When a technology looks like it could help me fulfill a purpose, then usually I go for it. Otherwise I just read about it and file the information for later.

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