Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dreaming shamanizing supersymetry

Copper carving (XVIIIth century) showing a sam...Image via Wikipedia Again in my dreamings the real Shamantic! The Wise (who never does claim to be wise BTW, who goes by that fun 'Spirit-given' sacred name) spoke sayings similar to these paragraphs in a series of sudden confusing flashes:

"In shamanic experiencing everything is one begun but unending arms-full of ongoing actioning(s) arrayed before me or you for bit by bit grasping and shifting - rattlings, drummings, singings, dancings - as the web, as the tree(s), at the crossroads, one unified re-unified chaotic disorder ever synergizing all order and disorder in and as a vibrating uncoiling of uncoilings and an original openly complete supersymetry of supersymetries in LIFE's singular eclectic cross-sectioning self-replicating without ever duplicating perfectly imperfect ongoing bottom to top top to bottom All-Synthesis. Through shamanic intention and attention I journey mystery-pulled and spirit-nudged through any or many non-ordinary layers of the FUN OF IT ALL noticing waving bits of potential and possibility spiral-flying nearby, gravitating towards me but never falling right to me except once in a while. THEN I CHOOSE to choose one particular waving bit out of this wider present how-to can-do super-sub-view that is being show-given to me especially for shamanizing around the intention I am attending to.

Each shamanic adventuring and returning is like this only different by and through Spirits in Spirit, thisaway-thataway-theotherway, then allways-ed together seamlessly out of ITS universal free wheeling weaving - within yet beyond - its particular freeing weaving wheelings . And whatever I chose to choose (usually only one but maybe as many as three great little bits of whatever is present there, that I am relating to under the rattling-drumming-songing-dancing canopy-sailing-cup over-flowing diverse guises of understandable understanding image and symbol being-helpers pulsed in the moment) becomes the center point or points of the something or somethings new that I am co-re-creating beside Myself as dream, as dance, as song, as story.

Two centers draw out the line(s) and when three centers have formed the new life of-its-own begins and finishes birthing once-and-for-all and all-for-one and one-for-all in one huge tiny instantaneous eternal While-Zapping that I remember that I myself began in spirit-power but now know I would already be powerless to cancel, stop, or undo. This new birthing living dying life or world-in-itself interconnecting with interconnectings within Interconnecting is as universal as it is particular, as indivisible as it is divisible, but far more invisible than visble.

This is why I am awfully careful during the stages of exercising shamanic intention and attention - and shamanic choosing. Being(s) and stuff(s) in the shamanic-journeying directions, dimensions, realms, orders, and souls wherein and whereby I walk, ride, sail, and fly during shamanic adventuring double-triple-exponentially whirl and stick and stay on, within, and around whatever it IS that I chose to choose, that is and always is chosen forever and forever. And when I return to ordinary reality here it all comes with me, for better and for best (I keep hoping and dreaming) whether I chose what I chose awe-fully care-fully or otherwise.

Notice, this laugh-able dream-babbling is nothing new even though new things are always and all ways being co-re-created by shamanizers in this same or many similar complex and simple powerful unexplainable fun-flow-ways of flowing-firey spirit-matter any when and where. This is only another foolish paraphrasing I am re-collecting of several just as convoluting descriptions I spoke or wrote ineptly in ecstasy beside myself within several of our later earlier dream-meetings. But you may as well jot my wording transmitted 100,000,000 light-sounds/image down quickly and deliberately anyway, as soon as you awaken, exactly or not exactly as I just jestfully delivered it, for keeping and considering or sharing as you please."

Update: I did scribble down the above synesthetically delivered (as a series of flashes of images, colors, and sounds) dream message in darkness, still in a state of consciousness between non-ordinary and ordinary, as a hasty ad hoc shorthand of abbreviations, arrows, diagrams, and even a few weird pictograms. This preposterous record must have made perfect sense in those silly groggy moments - but not anymore. By now I suppose I have deciphered all I can.

When I read the paragraphs above I can still 'grok' the dream-teaching through much or even most is fading through in the transliterating. I studied the scribblings again this morning and changed or removed a few words in the paragraphs before giving up and letting this exercise be mostly for fun (as I was instructed).

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