Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Yes death is today's topic...Yes to death!

Death haunts even the beautiful: an early 20th...Image via Wikipedia Yes I love to live! But do I know I grow nearer and nearer to the end of this life span! I am hale and hearty for an old fool and I do savor each day. Still, sudden or lingering, I understand that my physical death to this life will be perfectly natural no matter how this biggest shapeshifting happens for me.

Good old Death has been a favorite traveling companion and respected teacher of mine for many years, because a while or two ago I began the spiritual practice of each morning inviting DEATH along for another day's and night's journey and requesting daily doses of the healing, transforming Medicines that Death has to offer body and soul. Death is detoxifying.

Daily mini-doses of aging, death, and dying have become for me more and more a major source and upsurge of life-enhancing invigorating rejuvenation! Death has taught me ecstatic play and deepened both passion and compassion within me.

I am also inspired and encouraged by a fellow shamanic circle companion who has made a hobby of death. Tom and I agree, there is nothing morbid about death - ha ha ha! (This is my friendly reminder to Tom to get blogging again. But who am I to point a skeletal finger?)

So here I am laughing along with Companion Death and claiming I have not died nearly enough yet. Yes and no indeed I have not died nearly enough for this life yet, not by a long shot!

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