Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Spirit and Spirits of the land, sea, air all shift wildly

Hverir geothermal siteImage by Tania Ho via Flickr I wonder more deeply yet just as foolishly day by day as I contemplate the invisible, unmeasurable, mysterious sides of life and everything. And now and then I hear myself asking: How harmful is it to project neurotic complexes (generated from cycles of trauma and reaction) onto Spirit and Spirits through new age and traditionalist dogmata alike?

The waters, winds, and mountains of Earth keep bubbling, blowing, heaving, and folding so must not the same processes be happening in the realms, dimensions, and orders of Spirit? Even the oldest mountains and hardest crystals are not 'set in stone' but macro- and micro-shift all the time...so must not their spirits be shifting even more profoundly?

Clearly wild life shifting is the revel-evolutionary way of growing matter and spirit co-creatively and civilized preserving has brought forth recipies for making jams and jellies conservatively...or formulae for trying to turn our world into a jar of pickles. Shamanic ways can help us happily jam new songs and dances everywhere so why do so many seem to be shamanic-journeying to bring back past religions?

Probably many, if not most, if not all, old dreams, ways, and shapes died and die naturally and live on renewed and renewing as this ordinary in-our-faces here now reality that many wish they could reject and escape. Shamanic ways can allow us to escape reality re-creatively so long as we journey away from here just to return with new energy-flows, stories, and gifts.

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