Monday, July 28, 2008

Autumn Equinox 2008 - Global Prayer Wheel Activation

Many New Agers revere ancient sites, such as S...Image via WikipediaShamanic action opportunity: Solar Wave 2008 - Gaia as a living prayer wheel! This is a shamanizing opportunity too, aside from any New Age doctrines - optional for shamans, according to my and our circle's understandings of new shamanic ways.

At Shamanic Shift Center we relate to Gaia (and our Universe) as a living, unceasing, all-synergyzing shamanic circle of circles 24/7/365 any (and every) day, night, dawn, and dusk. Shamanizers can always join in with living prayer wheels of all kinds on many levels in diverse ways around, through, and beyond all ordinary-reality spacetime boundaries.

We also live sacred fun connecting to the internet as a world circle of circles. We circle here and around the country encouraged and inspired knowing how many shamanic ways there are to keep shifting in Spirit and Spirits what is calling out for assistance in shifting towards better dreams, dances, stories, and shapes.

Shamanic prayer shifts reality through matter and spirit, through simple and complex systems, through chaos and order. We can instigate and activate beneficial transformations by shamanizing our own lives everyday and upon special occasions, in rhythic and harmonious resonance with individuals and circles known and unknown to us.

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