Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Shamanic drums and visionary art by Sonara

To Shamanic Shift Center from Sonara:

hi !
my name is sonara
i live in sooke bc, canada and have been a shamanic practitioner and facilitator for 20 years.
in a journey recently i was told to ask for help ~for prayers and such, please.
i request assistance in getting my drums/art out to the public to be seen cause this is how i pay my rent and buy food etc. if you know of anyone interested in my work, please forward the email :)
i am also asking for feedback on what you think of or see in my works.
thanks everyone!

~the skin is a female fallow deer from the east coast with a lovely deep resonant voice
~there was an image of a grey dolphin in the markings on the front of the drum which i can paint if desired
~the beads, (some are tigers eye chips) on the back, represent the ocean and flow patterns. they were purchased to support african women raising money for their community and aids awareness
~the two dolphins on the back are carved from jasper
~there is a copper snake on the cedar withe handle
~the hoop is made of alder and is 14 inches in diameter
~the bag is recycled eel skin, leather, and snake print fabric on the inside with another wooden dolphin on the front
~the beater is made of the same leathers and has sage in the tip

here is one of my best works to date!
this drum came as a large island buck, shot by bow and arrow. the arrow head got stuck in his throat, hance the name "white arrow", one who follows the path of truth and speaks it from the heart. the truth is found within.
the arrow on the back of the drum is made of a branch from the holly tree with a rawhide tip. holly became symbolic of the crown of thorns representing the fighting of the soul's battles. spear shafts were once made from holly. to know clearly what you are battling with and how to combat it correctly.
the beads on the arrow are bone. bones of the ancestors that carry the tale straight to it's destination.
the beater is made from arbutus representing integrity and authenticity. it has white deer skin and arctic wolf fur on it for a balance between predator and prey.
the bag is purple (the violet flame) and turquoise for the throat and crown chakras with a white wolf paw print inside the rune "othila". this rune represents the root chakra, house and home and the connection to ancestors.
the color white connects the owner to the "Masters of the White Brotherhood".
i painted a white wolf howling at the moon on the front of the drum. i only make spiritually infused, one of a kind, shamanic art pieces. my love for and kinship with physical and spirit wolves really came through this one as did many lessons on leadership, discipline, focus and a true aim... enjoy!

for inquiry, price (and or shipping) contact sonara at (250) 664-6403

I want to help get Sonara's word out among more circles so here is her message. Clearly Sonara's shamanic art is spirited and visionary!

Photo Credits: Sonara
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