Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rainbows beautify our corner after June thunderstorms

Photo by ECP - Rainbow over our corner! Rainbow over Shamanic Shift Center, 14 June 2008 - Photo by ECP Awful beauty! Severe weather has precipitated much suffering and hardship in Wisconsin and throughout the Midwest this June 2008! Catastrophical flash flooding suddenly washed away homes and lives (as life on earth and as life as usual) around here during the last two weeks.A developing severe thunderstorm over NW Kansas as seen from the air.Image via Wikipedia I focus on the awesome magnificence of storming weather in writing and speaking while in shamanic imagining I vision beneficial reality shifts of many kinds appearing out of and fulfilling any or all of these awful situations. Last night after a period of shamanizing prayer a new storm passed and I was guided outside into the fresher air by Spirits. Then I was thrilled by glowing bands of rainbow drifting and shifting over our east side Milwaukee corner. Amazing grace! To me these partial rainbows - vibrant multicolored 'pieces of bigger puzzle pictures' - were a marvelous encouraging presentation by Spirit of signs of blessings being bestowed on all levels through all dimensions to me and us and many neighbors near and far. Full rainbow bridges to wonders span our storm clouds beyond ordinary sight and lead through dreams to amazing transformations for the better of the worst troubles.

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