Friday, June 27, 2008


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The gritty-nitty on Fool Sorcery: Seani Fool is uploading bits of his new sensation-stirring book on shamanic fooling, LIBER MALORUM, CHILDREN OF THE APPLE, on his blog at Paganarchy. Go read eat up!

With this writing, Sean steps off the mountain-top of the latest, most radical western inner-traditions. I have no doubt his new book will instigate many enthusiatic magic-releasing break-outs from the "same-old, same-old, tick-tock, blah blah" boxes many say they seem trapped in these days and inspire many more gleeful, fun-restoring leaps away from the "tick, tick, tick, tick...?!" countdowns to disaster or doom more and more are fearing yet trying desparately to ignore all around this world.

Several of us Shamanic Humorists & Optimists are older fools like me, who shaman-fool behind the scenes in more out-of-the-way places and situations for subtle and smaller-scale reality shifting. Sean and the Rebel Clowns are younger, cutting-edge shaman-fools out and about in the thick of the fogs of current events to "clown the changes" they dream up notoriously, right in the centers of town-squares, harmlessly disturbing business as usual.

I could not pick a favorite passage from LIBER MALORUM from what I have read to exerpt. So I say, just click over and take your pick. Go taste and digest some of the fresh fruit of LIBER MALORUM yourself! - Sean's blog, category = publishing

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