Friday, May 16, 2008

Shamanic shifting and supportive counseling

Shamanic Shift Center is for shamanic teaching and shamanizing. The the main purpose of shamanic shifting is world transformation towards better and best though direct individual and circle interconnecting to life Spirit and Spirits. Individual healing through shamanic ways heals the whole universe but the effective therapies are given by Spirit and Spirits, not the shamanic counselor or circle members or circle leader.

In practicing shamanic ways one can focus upon self-change towards better around some personal issue in order to transform the world towards better around that same issue or a related topic or theme. But focusing first and last upon shifting a global trouble towards better and best makes it easier to stay on purpose and blaze new neurochemical, emotional, and thought pathways around unhealthy, unhelpful habits of gut, heart and mind, and write new soul-stories all at once, instead of falling back into more (same-old or similar-old) explicit, emotion-charged rehashing of generations-old deeply ingrained life patterns and the consequences of continuing to indulge those no longer helpful habits - further perpetuation.

To keep shamanizing instead of awfulizing, develop the new healthy habit of talking to Spirit and Spirits on your shamanic journey whenever the urge to speak all over again of painful events and harmful patterns arises in your everyday life. While shamanic journeying, or as you connect with Spirit and Spirits by some other shamanic method, talk to your Spirit helpers about your troubles, while you keep on shamanizing within your overall intention for global healing, beginning with you and branching all ways to every being ever interconnected to your pain, through all levels, orders, and dimensions of the past, the present, and the future.

Then bring back the spiritual remedies you receive - the images, symbols, songs, dances, new stories, or visionary artworks given by Spirit and Spirits during your shamanizing - and practice and live these remedies relentlessly. Acknowledge respectfully all forms in your life but remember to start shamanic shifting everything towards better and best, moment to moment, through every shamanic way you know.

I find it easier to shamanize around global challenges in order to continue healing myself instead of the other way around. I know that whoever or whatever draws my attention in this ordinary reality is connected to energy-patterns resonating within me, calling out for healing and transforming through many worldly beings, places, events, and situations before me, near and far. Shamanizing for universal healing and then inward toward my own healing shifts my attention from irksome urges and urgent cravings for retelling some old, sad stories, yet again.

Whether focusing upon self-healing and shamanizing outward or focusing upon world transformation and shamanizing inward, always begin your shamanic shifting by connecting with Spirit and Spirits in the lower and upper spiritual realms of benevolence, blessing, potential, and possibility. To avoid confusing or distressing shamanic experiences, resist (with spirit-power) any temptations to engage middleworld spirits or souls right away, especially souls or soul-fragments of particular beings from your ordinary reality life, especially any appearances of your ordinary reality villains or heros.

It is every shamanizer's duty to do the best to receive bring back healing and transforming remedies from Spirit and Spirits, not horror stories of unexpected 'bad trips' from painful perturbing encounters with uncrossed-over spiritual energies, such as what some would call 'ghosts' or other emotional or mental remnants of suffering beings. If you are being called truly by Spirit and Spirits to help such suffering beings in the middleworlds towards wholeness, still begin in the lower and upper spiritual realms and heal and transform from non-ordinary states and places of re-unity before or venturing anywhere else.

Always shamanize in spiritual companionship with your shamanic helpers no matter where your shamanic journeying or dreaming takes you. Even if you are called to shamanize with Trickster, decide to be guided by Spirit and Spirits rather than your attention-seeking ego.

Between shamanic journeys you can journal explicit descriptions of painful sickening events and situations if you still feel compelled to talk about these matters over again. Pour it all out onto the pages, again and again, in many entertaining versions, from many differing perspectives, not 'censoring' or sugar-coating anything. Then periodically (or finally) bring your journal to Spirit and Spirits for shamanic shifting everything in it towards better and best. And, as you are guided by Spirit and Spirits, develop a powerful healing, transforming journal-ritual to complement shamanic journeying (or any other shamanic methods you use).

Some people - even in addition to journaling and spiritual practicing - feel a stronger need to talk longer to other human beings about their painful or shocking memories. Support groups come together to fulfill this need in a healthy way. This is a very different process from shamanizing in circle.

In shamanic shifting Spirit (as Spirits) gives the support and the psychotherapy. A shamanizer develops the ability to re-creatively reconnect all painful or ailing energy-flow patterns and forms directly to Spirit and the Spirits for healing. When spiritual healing happens in non-ordinary reality these shamanic shifts can be brought back, storied, and danced to life as new, healthier ordinary realities.

Roadscrossing S.O.U.L. Clinic was created to offer more conventional supportive counseling, non-sectarian ministerial counseling, information and referral to community services, advocacy, and learning holistic healthy ways of self-help and self-change around problems. In supportive counseling one does talk for longer whiles about life troubles and challenges to hear and notice patterns that might be reframed gradually (and stretched into something more flexible).

Supportive counseling is also for receiving practical solution-suggestions and developing more effective coping strategies for whatever ails, sometimes through reading and discussing self-help or complementary healing books and applying one or more of those methods. In supportive counseling it is ok to tell the counselor stories of unresolved painful patterns and hurtful events one is still dwelling in, that seem to be restricting life's going forward successfully in the present.

A supportive counselor receives sad stories and puts them aside or reflects them back in a softer light, from a different perspective, possibly re-told a slightly different way. In supportive counseling the talking of stories is for emotional and mental safety-valve releasing or for facilitating more gradual, incremental changes.

Supportive counseling is far less challenging than shamanic shifting but can also help someone stuck in sad stories to discover and grasp some happier and deeper personal and universal meanings for past and current life experiences and grow in awareness and acceptance of 'what is' today. Like shamanic shifting, supportive counseling is eclectic, drawing from many sources and approaches and it may (or may not) develop into more dynamic self-help and self-change coaching.

Roadscrossing was developed by Companions Circle especially for uninsured individuals and families who need and want supportive and/or holistic counseling or help accessing other available appropriate community services. Roadscrossing is also for some who are seeking a safe space to address and resolve religious or spiritual issues in a non-sectarian environment.

Roadscrossing can serve as a place for 12-Steppers to work spiritual steps. And Roadscrossing can be a confidential refuge for stressed-out or troubled clergy of any religion or denomination, beyond the reach of institutional religious authorities (except for the legal requirement to report child abuse).

Companions Circle opened Shamanic Shift Center and Roadscrossing S.O.U.L. Clinic to take two very different approaches to healing on purpose. I wrote this post to clarify some of the main differences between the two.



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