Thursday, May 22, 2008

Paradox: Prayer (consciousness shifting on purpose) doesn't work yet it helps!

Is there any empirical evidence that prayer actually works?

Obviously (watch or read the news) shamanizing or consciousness shifting on purpose or prayer by any other method doesn't produce measurable empirical or experimental ordinary reality results. In every level of ordinary reality, sub-atomic to cosmic, there are always noticeable and hidden changes for the better and for the worse unfolding, all at once. When I choose where to focus attention and what to envision I do not pin my hopes on preventing or undoing personal or global disasters and catastrophes.

I don't want to pin my hopes down on any prayer result that could be set in stone, but I do want to experience new dreams of happier, funner shapes of universal life birthing into being in our world as new nows. Shamanic experiencing of consciousness and life shifts toward better and best change me, the shamanizer, in visible and invisible ways, and probably - I would say certainly but admit I don't know - do not directly keep 'bad things' from happening to 'good or bad (in or out of 'balance' or 'grace') people(s) or places, according to the laws of nature and the universe.

But those waves within me of intentional incremental to amazing improvement ripple out into the world, mysteriously, beyond the arm's length of either the right hand or the left hand giving or taking away, way beyond simply shifting 'bad things' from here to there, or from now until later. I do not have to know or understand the details of if and when or how these momentary micro-changes (from sub-atomic through molecular through personal through community through planetary levels) towards FUN restoration bring happier macro-effects through the natural yet weird ways of this re-creative living chaos we embody and inhabit here now.

Shamanizing is connecting my self through ecstatic dreaming and imagining around beings, places, situations, and events as they trouble or challenge and draw attention, to potentials and possibilities for beauty, harmony, and happiness already present in the biggest picture available to me in any given moment. Shamanizing also interconnects me - and ALL through me - to the powers of serendipity, paradox, and mystery, as long as I refrain from excessive definition and limiting expectation.

I keep shamanic shifting because it brings me fun. And childishly I choose to keep on supposing my fun is also (for sure) that much more FUN shifting around everywhere, not only harmless but help-full overall - SOME HOW(S).
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