Saturday, May 31, 2008

New: Global Shamanism - The Shamanic Forum For Everyone

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Update - 14 June: When I checked today this website had been suspended! Already? Now that has me wondering what happened. So I will stop back again, in case the site is restored.

Global Shamanism - The Shamanic Forum For Everyone This message came to Shamanic Shift Center's email:

Greetings, We are shamanic practitioners and have just opened up a new shamanic forum. It's totally dedicated to nothing but shamanism and all of its facets, and is designed to be totally expandable so that every type of shaman can be included. Our goal is to create the biggest online shamanic community, so that awareness of shamanism and its ancient traditions will spread. In this way shamanism can gain more respect, and the doors can be opened to a world where communities unite to preserve and help the earth and its people. We are witnessing a lot of darkness in these times and we want to go towards the light, which is something we need to do together. We are spending a lot of time in making a great forum and we will keep doing that until it is perfect! It's a completely open forum and free to everyone who's interested. On the forum everyone can share shamanic knowledge, post meetings for drum circles, and many more things. One of the exciting things coming in the near feature is a directory listing for shamanic practitioners who can offer their services. Everybody is invited to participate in the forum! A quick, simple registration is all it takes and you can start posting! The forum is brand new so we need input like yours to help it flourish. Please visit us at: and forward this email to everybody you know who is interested in shamanism. Together we can ..... Vivek & Pranada
So I am posting Vivek's and Pranada's announcement here for wider consideration, to help interested parties find this new forum! Of course Shamanic Shift Center is for living, studying, and teaching contemporary shamanic ways, new shamanics, and shamanic innovations and we draw from many sources and fields, but do not draw directly from any traditional shamanism (among all the ancient to modern shamanisms on the planet or even throughout the universe) or from any aboriginal religion or spirituality. I can say that the shamanic ways I practice are 'inspired by' several shamanic traditions I have studied a little about (so far as my shamanic studies continue). But there is no direct tracing back to any specific shamanic tradition (or religion or spiritual tradition) in the new shamanics I practice. This new forum is being offered for all shamanic practitioners, although in the description 'shamanism' (which doesn't really exist for me, because shamanic ways are too widespread to be covered by an -ism - even though the word does exist and gets used frequently as a shortcut - sometimes even by me) is being described as made up of 'ancient' traditions, with no mention so far of 'contemporary' shamanisms.

Really I am certain Vivek's and Pranada's intention is to include contemporary and innovative shamanic ways too. Anyway, I do not see the distinction between traditional and new shamanisms being noticed or discussed much around the web and realize it isn't as favorite or hot a topic for others as it is for me. Moments ago when I visited, Vivek and Pranada, who sent the message quoted above, who are this new forum's administrators, were the only two members listed. I heartily commend Vivek and Pranada for this courageous act of global reaching out! As soon as I can I will shamanic-journey about signing up to support their effort even more. Of course I cannot keep up with the many web presences I have opened already but I shall listen for a message about this from Spirit and the Spirits.

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