Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shamanic Shift Center's shifts continue...

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Spring renewing: In order to reorganize and renew Shamanic Shift Center's and Companions Circle's mission, the Friday night Shamanic Circle and the Green Rock Club conversation circle will not meet in ordinary reality until further notice. The Shamanic Circle of individuals who always meet through cyber- and non-ordinary realities will continue. I will be available by appointment for marriage officiating and other ceremonies, shamanic consulting and supportive counseling, and other ministerial services.

I am asking assistance and guidance from the "Shamantic!" Spirit Team for re-focusing the ordinary reality Friday night Shamanic Circle upon world transformation towards new and better dreams, dances, and shapes (rather than personal healing of past trauma) through contemporary - innovated and adapted - shamanic methods and techniques (rather than traditional or religious shamanic practices). It may turn out that our original circles and individuals, separated for the last few to several years by ordinary distances, who have circled around beyond spacetime boundaries all these whiles, will end up being the circle, gathering in form only occasionally. But at this moment I do not know.

The Friday night Shamanic Circle will probably resume in June or soon after. The Thursday night discussions will probably be discontinued or else combined with the Friday circle somehow.

I have left our announcements up around the web for now because I am pretty sure they all point to our Events and Updates site and request pre-registering through a phone call or email. This way, as a part of re-organizing, I can hear from any contemporary shamanizing folks around here who are interested in regularly attending a shamanic circle for reality shifting and FUN restoration (and along these wavelengths) on Milwaukee's east side.

Shamanic Shift Center's circle has always been 'ad hoc' - an hour or so of sacred spacetime for two or three to shamanize around the most important prayer intentions of the moment. Our shamanizing joins all to one another and everything through the non-ordinary circle of circles, the ongoing and unceasing Universal Circling where new life flows and patterns can be caught up by us and brought back to this world in us and as us.

I am looking into even better ways to connect and interact through cyber-realities such as a forum that could be embedded on this site. Some of our blogging shamanizers will be concentrating as much as possible on this and other circle's blogs, I hear. So I shall see as many of you as possible in cyberspace and non-ordinary reality!

~ Elizabeth
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