Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mystery of the Missing Shamanic Blogger Invitations

Weirdness! Recently three individuals requested invitation to join this blogspot and Blogger shows I have sent and re-sent those invitations. I do not know what has happened to prevent folks from receiving those Blogger emails with the join link. I sent test invitations to three other email addresses belonging to colleagues who agreed to help with this test and these arrived. (But these folks were only helping with the test, not joining this blog.)

There is no way to get through to Blogger directly about this possible glitch. Someone wrote in the Blogger Help forum that some invitations sent out were not received - but there was no reply to that post and I was not able to find any other solution suggestion. I will hold Trickster (partially) responsible...while chalking this up to other possible causes.

Possible causes: I know that service providers sometimes filter out email from certain places such that emails from those places just never arrive, even through no failure to deliver error gets back to the sender. So maybe that is what happened and alternative email addresses would receive invitations ok. Also, I remember that the limited capacity '' email boxes used to fill up quickly then bounce or 'lose' emails before we forwarded them to gmail or yahoo accounts, so maybe that is a cause for this disconnection.

So: If you requested and did not receive an invitation to join this blog - I am truly sorry about that. The bloggers who participate so far are companions of our original circle(s) and we were hoping to expand. For now and for a while, however, we will just let that dream go.

My shifting dreams: I am giving less attention to shamanic practice - as such - these days and more attention to self-employment activities I can earn a living from. These activites are freelance writing on diverse topics (and some editing and researching); marriage, handfasting, union, and other ceremonial officiating; and property management gigs for leasing, painting, maintenance, and cleaning. In my understanding of new shamanics these all interconnect and harmonize and I live situation shamanization throughout the day anyway.


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