Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Let us celebrate April Shaman Fools day any day all year round!

Merry April (Shaman) Fools Day!

My re-creative shaman-foolish prank today is this decree I now pronounce: From now on anyone can celebrate April Fools Day any day and all year around. Some folks already observe their favorite holidays whenever they want. Let your shamanic fun restoration bring healing laughter, not unnecessary suffering. Give Trickster plenty of chances to act out fun and help prevent more worst case scenarios.

Let us shaman fools be and live the sudden punching of light windows into more dark corners. To shaman fools the darknesses of life contain just as much wondrous potential for beautiful good as the light. But poking open more windows and shafts into the infinite unlimited realms of Spirit and Spirits 'outside our boxes' will show off more creative possibilities within and beam many unexpected blessings into even the darkest shadow boxes in the world. Shadow boxes are another kind of sacred container to create and keep for the fun of it.

Have fun shadow boxing today and any day!
~ Chammy

Quoting from National Geographic News - April 1, 2008
Joseph Boskin, professor emeritus of American humor at Boston University, has offered his own interpretation of the holiday's roots—as a prank.

In 1983, Boskin told an Associated Press reporter that the idea came from Roman jesters during the time of Constantine I in the third and fourth centuries A.D.

As the story goes, jesters successfully petitioned the ruler to allow one of their elected members to be king for a day....

Humor and pranksters can offer society some much-needed perspective, he added.

"Good humorists are basically secular shamans—they both heckle society on one hand and heal it on the other."


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