Thursday, March 13, 2008

Maybe the Big Bang is a universal shift

Quests, questions, questioning: I know I am not the only shaman fool wondering if the Big Bang was really a universal reality shift rather than the ultimate beginning. Some physicists searching for a Theory of Everything have been wondering along similar lines - only scientifically, not spiritually.

Here is a challenging, long shamanic journey for anyone: I have been considering travel to the lower and upper realms to join with helpers and guides then journeying through the non-ordinary realms of ordinary reality (the Middle Worlds) to the earliest stage of what scientists call the Big Bang, towards the horizon of whatever it is, and then beyond. Our ordinary reality universe is the Big Bang still expanding so this journey would go beyond the beginning of everything we know as we know it so far, across that thrseshhold, to whatever was and is before the Big Bang - be it cosmic explosion or shift.

But why? What would be the shamanic intention for such a long quest? I just wonder if there might not be some important teachings, stories, or gifts left behind! If I shamanic-journey according to this plan it will probably turn into a series of non-ordinary adventures because of all the possibilites for self-deception inherent - detours, 'dead' ends, and misunderstandings.


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