Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Living with lava flowing

...as continuous attitude adjusting! Eruptions of anger seemed to be spewing noxious fumes all around me this morning - inside this office building and outside in the neighborhood. On another day I might feel dismay and discouragement at finding myself nearby and noticing these harsh, loud events and might even begin fantasizing about moving to the calmer countryside - before asking myself where these little to large life upsets were already resonating within me, and shamanizing over the elements and beings calling for help, while allowing teachings from Spirit and the Spirits to unfold.

But I had just finished reading some new stories about a neighborhood of folks who chose to build and choose to keep living near the active Hawaiian volcano Kilauea, who find their unpredicable volatile situations exhilarating, humbling, and freeing. So I was already receiving teachings from Spirit(s) and I understood that every moment I can choose to build and keep living here on Milwaukee's east side, and daily consider and celebrate all the present energy-flows glowing and venting through this city - from the raging to the laughing - as wild, beautiful, cosmic and exotic, yet local and mundane volcano activity! I spent the rest of the morning looking around here for more ordinary reality urban lava flows to appreciate in watchful wonder.

Photo Credit: Lava spills forth from Kilauea Volcano on Hawaii.
© Melissa Brandes


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