Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cooter the Tortoise Cat is strolling again

Shamanic Shift Center Sanctuary - July 2009Image by Shamanic Shift via Flickr

The Tortoise Cat is strolling the east side neighborhood of Shamanic Shift Center again this new March-ing month of lengthening days. This perfect (purrfect) season for eagerly sniffing the NOW vibrations of Spring re-creating our world is upon us already. The Tortoise Cat is a popular neighborhood greeter around here. Look for the Tortoise Cat out and about from now on, celebrating new budding and old buddies.

A blogging cat: Tortoise Cat is an acknowedged expert attention shifter too. In this picture she is dreaming more greening! She and an invisible Chameleon update her blog occasionally even though they would rather be strolling.

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