Thursday, March 06, 2008

Catch some solar seeds streaming on waves of sun wind!

A solar wind is streaming our way! And if you stand in at the right geomagnetic crossroads you might catch a few ionized particles of high-energy Sunlight. But if you are too far south to see the (possible) Aurora Borealis display tonight or tomorrow or your skies are cloudy, you can view spectacular photos in a gallery at SpaceWeather.Com.

How about a photographic trick or camera lie? The picture above, found at ImageAfter might or might be of the Northern Lights...or an unusual lighting fixture...or one of the weirder perspectives on a gas flame. I wish upon a star that I get to see red and purple Northern Lights someday! The green displays are amazingly beautiful enough to please but I am dreaming and hoping to see pink, red, violet, and purple too.


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