Sunday, March 02, 2008

Bring to the shamanic circle what you need!

Unlimited potential and infinite possibility are in the non-ordinary realms already, always. And all strengths and needs and wants are interconnected in the rocky web we crawl through here and now. So for the shamanic circle's opening round of sharing it is extremely effective and hopefully helpful to offer into the sacred circle exactly what you think or feel or sense you are needing or desiring most. If you are coming into the shamanic circle from a week of challenging or troubling experiences, contemplate what needs and desires those beings and situations in your life have brought to your attention for shamanizing. The shamanic circle is an hour or two chances to dream and dance the better and best we can imagine and activate.

So say something like, "Tonight I offer courage because I am here to dream more courage for myself and my world!" If you must offer complaints, about work or family or current events or whatever, do your best to express these short stories of yours with self-teaching and laughing in yourself then quickly shift your sentences into purposeful acts of bringing and giving to the circle what you need most from Spirit and the Spirits. Pleasant or unpleasant, fun or not, you can only notice what is resonating within you. It is not 'denial' or 'stuffing' or 'censoring' if you shift your storying towards fun and laughter and recognition on (shamanic) purpose! Acknowledge what is, then shamanic shift.

Through ways of shamanic reversing and inverting, what you know you don't have but really need and truely want is exactly what you do have, already and always. Shamanizing rattles, drums, sings, and dances this upside-down, inside-out, being and living FUN flow into new shapes and patterns for this world.

Psychotherapy sessions are a better place for indulging seemingly irresistible urges to complain and self-justify...and sob and scream...and maybe even kick. I often hear that crying is good for people. But after observing myself and others for many years I have concluded that, aside from grieving a definite loss, bursting into tears or sobs very often in reaction to many everyday triggering words or events might be a no-longer helpful or healthful habit, that developed for distracting and shielding from reality. Or frequent, sudden, heavy, uncontrollable crying or sobbing might even be a sign of grave mental and emotional disorders that require or would be best treated by immediate standard medical-model interventions.

During a shamanic journey one may cry, complain, self-justify, kick, and scream to Spirit and the Spirits, all in non-ordinary reality and still bring back at least the beginnings of a healing story to tell the circle and begin shamanic shifting into the world. Shamanic experience may flow up strong emotions and bring a shamanizer to the edge of crisis, but usually shamanic performances in circle - acting out through dance or storying - are for inspiring, encouraging, and transforming ourselves, the circle, and the universe, not for freaking out.

It hit me as a shamanic practice shifting shock that many individuals who arrive before me requesting shamanic assistance or teaching have brought too many mental or emotional troubles to shamanize effectively - or safely. I was deeply dis-eased when I was healed radically and my life transformed wonderfully through shamanic crisis, so for years I held tightly to the notion that shamanizing could help anyone and everyone, whenever they showed up, no matter what.

Yes that is so, but I now understand that often the shamanizing must be roundabout - done later and ongoingly, around and about whatever energy flows and patterns are resonating and reverberating within me, that are being demonstrated to me in mirror reflection by the visitor who arrives. Sometimes it is a fun-house mirror reflection that I see but it still shows a true picture of what I can and cannot do. Sometimes I find myself wondering if it some weird cosmic mistake that not everyone experiencing crisis or emergency is being called to shamanic practice but really I know better.

I no longer begin doing or teaching anything specifically shamanic, even the shamanic journey process, with anyone right away. Until a visitor shows enough stability to stay with shamanic shifting processes in ordinary and non-ordinary realities without suffering further trauma or injury, I shamanize in the 'roundabout' ways for a while. In sessions I stick to earth-centered practices such as smudging or expressive arts or reconnecting with nature. I may require a written 'ok' from any other healing arts practitioners involved in the patient-system of family and community ties.

So I suppose many visitors nowadays could easily jump to the conclusion that I know very little about shamanizing. That's OK for now, because in a way that is always true. I live and teach what I know but I only know a few things so far.

Be and live shamanic shifting!
~ Elizabeth


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