Sunday, February 17, 2008

Twin website for shamanic blogging RSS

CAW! (as I usually say...)

A few days ago...Someone mentioned to me that it is (maybe a bit) confusing that we call ourselves Companions-Circle but this blog's URL is Companions-Church. The word church was chosen when setting this blogspot up because this is the original blogspot for our circle, started back when 'church-ness' happened to be a more frequent topic of conversation. Companions Circle was considering applying for written advanced recognition from the IRS as a 501c3 non-profit organization and the 'churchiosity' of our mission seemed more interesting to talk about and promote back then. (Companions Circle was seeking the advanced IRS ruling and official letter of recognition so as to be able to apply for grants for neighborhood helping projects in Milwaukee WI.)

Then...late last year after sending back a second long set of additional questions from the IRS reviewer, the The Rev. Elizabeth suggested "Hey, let's just forget it...It is way too much hassle...This is already legally a church anyway, by statute!" And everyone I knew was saying, "OK!" to that. But a few days later the official advanced ruling letter of recognition came through anyway! (Yay!)

Back to the URL confusion...Yesterday I got permission to play around a bit and I started a look-alike site for displaying this blog's RSS Feed and the Blogging Shamanic Shifting Feed Digest we are growing (with almost all our RSS Feeds and soon to be more). I thought it would be better for this weblog to somehow own the Companions-Circle (dot Blogspot) URL too because it is likely that some might go there expecting to find this blog, as I was told someone did. But I wanted to create a bigger, better purpose for it than just a plain-old redirecting back to this weblog, so I set up what you now find there!

~ L.C. (a.k.a. Little Crow)


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