Sunday, February 17, 2008

Teachings from satellites going around

Earth & Moon 26 Jan 98  This mosaic shows images of Earth and the moon acquired by the  multispectral imager on the Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous Spacecraft  (NEAR) on January 23, 1998, 19 hours after the spacecraft swung by Earth  on its way to the asteroid 433 Eros. The images of both were taken from  a range of 250,000 miles (400,000 kilometers), approximately the same as  the distance between the two bodies.
Photo credit: NASA (Taken by NEAR in January 1998)

This afternoon I was meditating quietly upon my imaginary still childish view of all the many contraptions called satellites now orbiting us for several good to questionable purposes...orbiting machines that can be tracked or even watched as they fall around Earth, until eventually they fall back down. Well I have newer dreams orbiting my life now and I want them to stay up there and then fly free when they grow ready!

Then...after a while I shifted my envisioning back to remembering the long-ago yet not so distant days of my childhood when there used to be only the natural Moon going and coming around. I lived without dreams in those days. But my imaginings about the Moon back then were even more childish and naive...yet fanciful and fun.

Of course I liked best to imagine the Moon was a drum! I don't know what ever put that notion into my head. It facinated me that there might be a spherical drum like the Moon somewhere in the world. The Moon-Drum's phases were caused by shadows on the stage. I was told the Moon was far away but I kept listening on Moon lit nights in case I might hear it being played. I understand I can go on happily shamanic-dreaming on purpose that the Moon is - in some non-ordinary reality - really one of the great number and vast variety of wondrous drums played by Nature, radiating and pulsing reflected Sun waves of awareness into us. Heavens-Above! Maybe the Moon is really drumming up and down dreams of better life on earth...or at least drumming some sense into us.


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