Thursday, February 07, 2008

Snow Emergency...Shamanic Circle and Green Rock Club cancelled this week!

snowmen on Arbat street, MoscowImage via Wikipedia

Wow! I hope and dream you and your's are safe and well today. If you suffered loss or troubles you are in my prayer intentions for this week! Due to yesterday's snow emergency several schedule conflicts arose suddenly with day jobs I agreed to take on as an ordinary reality independent contractor (as 'non-grant self-funding'). As a result of those situations and the nearly total impossibility of anyone parking legally around here anyway, our scheduled activites for this week are far as ordinary reality goes.

So...That means this week's Green Rock Club (Thursday, February 7th) and the Friday night Shamanic Circle (February 8th) will NOT meet but will probably be back on schedule next week. Of course the circle is always activated in non-ordinary reality by those who open it through intention, attention, and energy-flow from wherever they are.

Usually last minute changes like this are posted only here for sure. However I cannot remember the last instance of cancelling two days in a row so this seems more drastic than usual. Also I needed an excuse to show this picture of the friendly neighborly snow-being greeting all who pass by, created in fun during the snowstorm by the two little girls living next door (and their dad).

Here I am wondering...Who has shamanized with weather spirits lately?

Blessings To All!
~ Elizabeth

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