Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pay shamanic attention to the February 20/21 2008 total lunar eclipse

Image credit: NASA

Nights are often cloudy around here. Cloudy skies over me have blocked many views of beautiful solar, lunar, planetary, and stellar juxtapositions this winter. When an ordinary realtiy blockage happens I turn inward and attend to the celebrated event of the night with shamanic attention, opening my imagination and dreams to teachings and reality shifts from Spirit and Spirits.

So no matter how, enjoy the show! I remember vividly enjoying innocent exitement and awe over such events thoughout my younger childhood years. Usually my grandparents would invite 'only child' me for 'astronomy sleep-overs' when something was up. Grandpa - always a child at heart - was the one who made sure we all arose and ventured outside at the best time and place, in the yard or a nearby field or park, for each sky show. And if the night skies turned out to be cloudy, Grandpa would entertain with a little science lesson while we sipped mugs of hot chocolat that Grandma stirred up.

Wonder On...Wonders Never Cease!
~ Chammy


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