Saturday, February 23, 2008

Companions Circle's circle of shamanic ecstatic skeptics

Here is another Companions Circle weblog...

...(at Blog-City not Blogspot) which, as Elizabeth was explaining, started off with the other Blog-City sites as a website add-on and has shifted through several purposes over the years. It was being used for gnostic topics for a while but that project shifted.

Now we of Companions Circle's original original circle (the circle that circled long before the closed Wednesday night began circling, before Companions Circle's mission became public, way back when this mission was just a dream of a dream) have taken it over as a place to post links to web resources we are studying and articles from fields of science, technology, philosophy, the arts, and more which bring up ecstatic yet perplexed shamanic wondering.

We are all shamanic questers yet some of us are skeptical of the hazy fringes dangling before us in the New Age, though we are - each in our own ways - aiming our own fringe-costumed souls beyond the edges of the ordinary and the non-ordinary. Some of us already have individual blogs for posting and linking (and falling behind) around these topics as well as membership in this weblog and other Companions Circle blogging projects. But a few have not started blogging at all so I hope those blogless guys and gals do their special parts to take over this blog that was needing a new purpose. (So far we haven't gone to the bother of using separate accounts - we just began getting into the habit of signing our individual posts.)

Mostly it is the so-called (lately by Teal) 'pseudononymous' circle companions who are in on this informal project. It is ok to tell that most of us used to live as an extended family on Milwaukee's east side, then dispersed far and wide over the years, and then reconnected and resumed shamanic-circling, -dreaming, and -shifting together at our ordinary reality distances. We are just one of the circles of shamanic journeying companions who support the Friday 7PM Shamanic Shift Center Circle through non-ordinary reality. We have discovered that we share a wondering delight in ecstatic skepticism.

Anyway I hope to keep myself shamanic questing and questioning and sharing my life touring experiences. I imagine that there is a critical mass of enthusiasm that will break through all blogging inertia in me (and among us?) soon. Blogging shamanic shifting through the cyber-realms is one of the easier ways of re- and new- connecting between subjective and objective realities.

The picture is of the below zero icicles and sunny blue skies outside my sacred space last week.


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