Saturday, January 26, 2008

Wonder and wondering shifting me to shamanic states of consciousness

Photo credit: NASA

Whatever shamanic experience is and is not, I know it induces happiness in me so I keep on shamanic wondering! In ongoing ecstatic curiosity I study science matters daily...and long ago I discovered that wonder and wondering shift me effortlessly into shamanic states of consciousness. I have shared this before and here it is again. Switching back and forth from amazement to skepticism is fun for me...and is another shamanic trance inducer (for me) along with fun itself as an ecstasy inducer.

Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon circle around...from our earthy perspectives! I was searching for the best article about the sky circling of Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon - coming up early this February 2008. Now I recommend also EarthSky.Org's science news, especially if you want to try the consicousness shifting methods I shared above.

Digesting Science News: A while ago I created an ordinary reality science news feeddigest published in Shamantic!'s News Room. Probably, EarthSky.Org's science news page will help me improve my own RSS feeddigest soon.

Wonder On!
~ Chammy


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