Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wild shamanic costuming ideas

Here are two contrasting science links...

BBC - 1/29/08
Chameleon colour not to blend in

DISCOVER - 10/22/07
Space-Faring Fungus Hats and Synthetic Biology

...that opened my imagination to old and new shamanic costuming opportunities! Would not living (breathing, munching...) interacting color (and maybe sound) changing costumes be the most awesome fashion for tomorrow's cyber-shamans? Maybe cyborg-shamans could incorporate such outfits and evolve with them. Really, I was enchanted by the first article and stunned by the second.

Still...surprising shapes of Being and Living are already being dreamed that may (sooner than we expect) show up here in ordinary soon as and according to how they are energized. So contemporary shamanizers actively intending the best had better at least dip a toe into the shapeshifting flows of ordinary reality science and technology now!

Wonder On!
~ Chammy


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