Friday, January 25, 2008

My scientific questing and questioning shamanic ways

Questioning: Along with several of Companions Circle's original members who now connect more through non-ordinary and cyber- spaces I am self-educating in fields of ordinary reality sciences. It has hit me as a paradigm shifting shock that new discoveries in genetic archeology show that both religion and spirituality are probably biologically hardwired into our human primate brains and beings, having developed as a (favorable?) by-product or side-effect of the mutations which grew Ourkind's language skills. Language catalyzed the growth of more and more complex societies and then civilizations and nature selected cultures whose individuals and circles conjured up a Bigger Picture of reality to relate to in common, who wove complexities together into a meaningful, purposeful, wholesome, one and only Truth About Everything.

Shamanic ways? The prehistoric first religions and spiritual practices were probably shamanic or shamanistic...and flexible. Yet these original shamanic ways eventually complicated, conglomerated, super-sized, and institutionalized into the current several global mainstream religions...which seem to be a lot more of the problem(s) than the solution(s) all the people's Truths collide. Religion as we know it is now probably hopefully gradually being selected against by Nature and Ourkind today as we and and life and the universe keep evolving.

So now that I accept this new understanding and my skepticism grows happily by leaps and bounds, why do I still like to adapt, modernize, and practice shamanic ways? If my longing for Spirit won't just go away soon, will going back to the beginnings and starting over - researching the core beginnings of spirituality and religion to the best of my ability - help bring to life new, different, healthier ways of fulfilling the hunger for Mystery...and expressing life shifting Wonder instead of the Serious Sacred?


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