Sunday, December 23, 2007

Shamanic jesting question - How is sacred fun differnet from worldly humor?

Is it sacred fun or ordinary humor? One scientist concludes here that humor develops from testosterone and male aggression...
ScienceDaily (Dec. 23, 2007) — Humour appears to develop from aggression caused by male hormones, according to a study published in the Christmas issue of the British Medical Journal.

Professor Sam Shuster conducted a year long study observing how people reacted to him as he unicycled through the streets of Newcastle upon Tyne. What began as a hobby turned into an observational study after he realized that the huge number of stereotypical and predictable responses he received must be indicative of an underlying biological phenomenon.

My understanding, thanks to circle companion Chammy: Shamanic jesting is performing the highly unexpected, weirdly entertaining, naturally funny action...acting out on purpose...and keeping childlike wonder and delight present in any situation. Ordinary worldly humor is indeed adversarial...and aggressive...the reaction of the satanic, literalist, materialist, either-oriented, all or nothing, serious side of our natures...whose energy is discharged and used by Trickster to co-create (unless we become fun-deprived and try to block the process). As I continue my life shamanic journey that 'Satan' needs to be put firmly, from first to last, in the proper place, behind me every here and now as another traveling companion, but not destroyed or ever banished.

WOW! That Adversary within (and beyond) and reflected all around is what keeps me wanting so badly to be BEST! Without a bit of 'all or nothingness' it would be hard to survive in ordinary reality, let alone progress. And truely sacred (power-full) healing laughter generating FUN helps keep me 'both-anding' front and center!

Many Blessings in Good FUN, Everyone!
~ Crabbee

Article credit: BMJ-British Medical Journal (2007, December 23). Humor Develops From Aggression Caused By Male Hormones, Professor Says. ScienceDaily. Retrieved December 23, 2007, from


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