Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New eco-shamanic shifts can be simple and easy

A book I like: ECOSHAMANISM: Sacred Practices of Unity, Power and Earth Healing by James Endredy

Reconnecting with nature (from this earth outward to the cosmos) through all the energy-spiral centers of one's being is even more key to modern shamanizing than the shamanic journey process so many contemporary shamanizers feature. Shamans quest all realms to shift dreams and shapes to (and from) life on earth, so re-creative co-creative connecting with the webbing and wheeling of Nature's earthy cosmic dreaming, drumming, dancing, and singing is prerequisite to successful beneficial shamanic questing and the bringing back of healing, transforming gifts from Spirit and the Spirits.

Endredy's book is full of original effective eco-shamanic exercises for restoring and deepening one's bodily understanding and communing with Nature locally, without copying from any indigenous tribal traditions. Earth honoring lifestyle choices and respectful consuming of goods and services will emerge naturally from anyone's restoring of ongoing healthy relating with, in, and as Nature. Endredy shows interesting ways to begin living this, yet even the simple yet profound shamanic practices Endredy instructs of in ECOSHAMANISM might seem too difficult or exotic for many, at least at first, especially for any stuck in pre-contemplation.

And restoring anyone's relationship with, in, and as Nature today opens more ways in this world for expressing authentic health anywhere and everywhere! Because this is so important I share here that I know from years of eco-shamanic experiencing that profound self shifting towards deeper eco-spiritual understanding can come from even simpler, easier, briefer practices. I am guided by Spirit and the Spirits towards eco-shamanic practices for each day, for any arising moment. Endredy's ECOSHAMANISM could be used by Spirit and the Spirits as common ground for innovating individualized exercises (and rituals, ceremonies, and tool making) like those Endredy describes.

For examples...Sitting in a tree for ten hours is a sure way to gain a renewed eco-shamanic perspective on ordinary reality and LIFE, yet creating a sacred circle (or sphere) space around a tree in one's own backyard or neighborhood and living there as fully and attentively as possible for one or more hours works too. Digging a grave and burying oneself for 12 hours is certainly going to shift one's being and bring a life transforming experience of shamanic death and rebirth, yet lying under a pile of dead leaves and pruned branches for an intentional while (a period decided upon ahead) can bring a real sense of anihilation and invisibility and re-emerging renewed too.

Living eco-shamanically could be the whole of someone's contemporary shamanic practice and it will always enhance all kinds of modern-age shamanizing.


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