Saturday, December 22, 2007

My shamanic journey to bring back cosmic dust

Photo credits: NASA/CXC/SAO

I shamanic journeyed to the aftermath of a star explosion to get just a pinch or maybe a whole handful of fresh cosmic dust, seeds of new star and planet life. I was inspired by reading this...from Science Daily...
ScienceDaily (Dec. 21, 2007) — Astronomers have at last found definitive evidence that the universe's first dust – the celestial stuff that seeded future generations of stars and planets – was forged in the explosions of massive stars.
The findings, made with NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope, are the most significant clue yet in the longstanding mystery of where the dust in our very young universe came from. Scientists had suspected that exploding stars, or supernovae, were the primary source, but nobody had been able to demonstrate that they can create copious amounts of dust – until now. Spitzer's sensitive infrared detectors have found 10,000 Earth masses worth of dust in the blown-out remains of the well-known supernova remnant Cassiopeia A.

As usual for off-planet middleworld shamanic flights I journeyed with my lifelong Animal Companion up Oldest Giant Fern Tree into the tallest of tree tops where stars circled my head and the rest of way seemed so clear I was tempted leap for it. Giving in to the deeper wisdom of my Trusty Companion I waited for Archeopterex (and Company) to fly us.

Archeopterex the flying dinosaur who went from discovery to hoax to myth and is real in more non-ordinary than ordinary ways these days proved to be an excellent intergalactic navigator and voyager. No challenge that loomed or jumped out at us could best her and her fleet!

A massive dark labyrinth, the Darkest Labyrinth of All (so it called itself so who knows?) kept trapping us, attempting to turn us around or detour us into 'lands of the dead' or even worse, funnel us into some weird 'forbidden areas of absolutely no return'! Archeopterex and Company were unhesitating in their lightning fast transforming of every confounding trick Darkest Labyrinth played on us. Darkest Labyrinth finally folded up and jumped onboard in order to help us out down the line.

We briefly visited a variety a colorful friendly outpost villages inhabited by all kinds of magical beings who were all obviously much more extraordinary than they tried to appear, who like to live around the edges of ordinary and non-ordinary realities, who bestowed toolkits crammed full of mystery power-gifts upon us. All along, as warned, we steered clear of a series of nine glorious-looking giant power-hoarding castles owned and run by crisis-ridden dis-ease afflicted sovereign wannabes, each storied to be more troublesome and mean than all the rest. We had to use all of the power-tools to the breaking point to keep cutting free of stronger and stronger castle-generated force fields. After the ninth castle was a long way behind us the way grew foggy. Darkest Labyrinth had saved one of the best tricks hidden but played it now - shapeshifting and unfurling into a near-perfect mirror that held open a clear road forward.

It was Darkest Labyrinth too, who captured more than my share of cosmic dust when we finally had flown far enough to encounter the closest cosmic dust fields, by collapsing the near-perfect mirror in an instant while it was still caked with dust. Suddenly we knew we had to go home.

We sprinkled and spread the extra cosmic dust generously over all the villages and castles during our extremely rapid whirlwindy flight back without waiting around for even the briefest moment to notice any results.

Archeopterex and Company flew away calling "We shall return for a new adventure someday!" But Dark Labyrinth remains with me to help me manage my new cache of cosmic dust.

Cosmic dusty blessings to all!
~ Crabbee

Article credit:
NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory (2007, December 21). 10,000 Earths' Worth Of Fresh Dust Found Near Star Explosion. ScienceDaily. Retrieved December 23, 2007, from


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