Saturday, December 29, 2007

May you shamanic journey the New Year like a child!

May the happiest New Year shamanic dreaming shift your worlds! In last night's dreams the lion appeared three times in an urban jungle alley near some dumpsters...asleep at first, then with one eye open...then leaping towards me roaring. I still see this...

Lion is tearing up my old year's days and devouring the puzzel picture the many bits and pieces are falling into upon the snowy ground. The chill air is windless and stars that seem way bigger than normal and much brighter than usual are twinkling and dancing into new constellations around the Moon.

In ordinary reality it is still cloudy and windy and not one star and not even the Moon is showing through. The image that is getting eaten looks like my old house and yard on the south side of Milwaukee...the place I lived with my Ma before she went into the nursing home years ago, now.

I understand from my spirit helper Kangaroo that Lion will be with me too, all through this coming year to help me change some of my history. I used to wish I could change a lot about my past. But now all I can think of is...I could have been playing more and studying more, sooner and longer.


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