Sunday, December 23, 2007

I shamanic journeyed over the winter storm clouds and what a surprise...

...I saw Plant Spirit People everywhere up there...all laughing and singing and dancing on top of bright green clouds! I might be able to remember one of the songs if I sleep on this experience. And - another surprise - it was sunny and warm up there even in the starry winter night. Afterwards I found this YouTube video of a song by Dr. Tom Pinkson called...

Thanks-Giving Song to the Spirits of the Plant People

...and his song isn't like the Plant Spirit Song(s) I heard on my middleworld shamanic journey into the green growing and flowering sky above the gusting snow showers...but it does express wise thanksgiving in a respectful, happy way. I give thanks for my journey to the Plant Spirits in the sky even while I still wonder what medicine(s) they bestowed, even while I still ponder the one song I might be able to learn later.


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