Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What a while its been since I blogged any shamanics...

What a while it's been since I posted here! Now that companions of my shamanic circle are drumming up ordinary reality 'situation shamanizations' at least twice a day as feature of our practice way(s), I have even less inclination to blog.

But we had already adopted the practice of 'blogging shamanics' a couple of years ago. It would help if the circle would spiral into to a consensus about blogging shamanics at least once (or twice) per ????? day (probably not - too many of us borrow computers) or week. We would just have to give some do-able interval a spin for a while then re-evaluate. What do you say, Companions? Shall we shamanic journey on it?

How can blogging be a shamanic act anyway? Brief bloggings can radiate short word and image bursts into our bigger wider dreaming, encouraging and inspiring more individual direct experiencing of Spirit and Spirits and re-opening a few more interconnections to the divine as just what is at hand here and now and everywhere multiversally - around but not against organized religious institutions whether mainstream or side-stream.

And I suppose that pausing now and then to practice verbal communicating can enhance shamanic experience. I won't begin any new online projects...but I might have done better at Squidoo...where I have recently been peering through Lenses...

...where the shamanic lenses are mixed in with more WoW lenses. But it is easy to click around from topic to topic on Squidoo for fun and education. To anyone in our circle who isn't blogging yet, why not open a Squidoo account for yourself and/or Shamanic Shift Center and polish a shamanics lense or two.

OH MY it is snowing tonight...and the snow is sticking for the first time this season!


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