Sunday, November 18, 2007

Shamanizing between psychic experiences and self-development

I was wondering more about what contemporary shamanics is really, essentially. What makes shamanic practice different from practices in all these categories and more, of course...New Age & Metaphysical, Psychic Mediumship, Complementary & Alternative Medicine, Paranormal & Unexplained, Unity & Interfaith, Spiritual Activism, and Self-Development & Personal Growth?

If I took the best instruction available on the web from each of these categories (and any other related or overlapping topics I discover) and blended the best of those teachings, or the ones that resonated with me the best, my own way would the result be shamanic practice? By shamanic practice I mean living a shamanic life, beyond just offering shamanic services. I have concluded there would always be something missing in the mix, even though I am supposing the original shamans invented, practiced, and taught all of the above.

One thing missing from the mix: To be a shamanic practitioner one must be able to get ecstatic any time, anywhere, under any circumstances. Originally ecstasy meant 'standing outside' of the limits of ordinary reality, not achieving a high that one must crash down from later. Ecstasy is much more than mere intensity or elation. So one can be ecstatic even in the middle of sorrow and grief...and agony...and maybe even in anger. The word ecstasy usually these days brings up images of exuberant rapturous mystical magical shaman-antics but ecstasy can be quiet also, more like the 'still small voices' of Mystery and Universal Life singing the beautiful cosmic song as one (and all) before and after all this wordly rushing and roaring, glaring and flashing.

For me ecstasy is a body-heart-mind eternal NOW state, joining the song which touches and expands all ordinary states of 'being here' - where I am experiencing a bit of the interconnecting wholeness even in the midst of brokenness, where I am really a color-full, wave-dancing open passageway for healing and transforming by Spirit(s). A nano-bit of shamanic ecstasy - a gift of Spirit(s) before, during, and after the much sought after meditator's VOID, for those in a state to receive - goes a long way. (BTW, if you find yourself opposed to my view, remember I write as an old fool, so please just calmly 'consider the source' then simply happily dismiss my opinions and click away!)

I am supposing that much of shamanic experience - covering everything from psychic mediumship to self-development - is for entering and extending present moments of ecstasy where the real shamanizing happens. I do want to share a couple the web pages I was studying before I went back to wondering what contemporary shamanism is a little while ago and as usual this implies no endorsement.


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