Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Shamanic news from Earth Rainbow Network...'The Intention Experiment'

From Jean Huden of Earth Rainbow Network to Shamanic Shift Center:

"Hello everysoul!

There is PLENTY of amazing - sometimes even exhilarating - stuff in this compilation which I'm very happy to bring to your attention. But of all the amazing things you'll find in those 100+pages (in the unabridged version), what feels to me more important than everything else right now is what is at the beginning of it, which is this...

The Rainbow Warriors

The story and legend from the Native Americans People about the Tribe of people from many walks of life, that will rise to save the Earth. (This webpage is also recommended at the end of this inspiring video)

... which has a most special resonance to me because we are, after all, co-creators and co-stewards of the Earth Rainbow Network, and we are all to various degrees a bit like the prophesied "Warriors of the Rainbow"...

... and what's at the end of it -- We Need a Dream, America! -- which came to my attention today.....

...I do not expect to have time to prepare another compilation for you this month as I have an important book translation (The Intention Experiment) to complete for the French publisher (Ariane Editions) for whom I work....

...So until we connect again, I wish a happy Thanksgiving to all our US subscribers and may Love and happiness always radiate for you all :-)

Jean HudonEarth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. Your feedback is as always welcomed and may be included in a coming compilation - unless you prefer it is not. Circulating this compilation (or any part of it) and personally inviting your correspondents to subscribe to this list would also help enlarge the circle of people who have access to this material. Please include the following note and the URL address for the archived copy below along with your forwards, so others may have the opportunity to explore the original copy, if they so choose.Free subscription to a large weekly Earth Rainbow Network compilation by simply sending a blank email to earthrainbownetwork-subscribe@lists.riseup.net.


I find The Intention Experiment - November 30 - most interesting...relating to shamanic action bridging ordinary and non-ordinary reality!
~ Alan


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